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Meet Angelina Gerling,
OnAlign Marketing Founder & CEO.

Online Marketing Services Orlando 

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Angelina has provided Online Marketing Services Orlando and served as a business coaching in professional services businesses. She is passionate about Marketing, People, and life. She continues to grow and be successful. Throughout her life, Angelina’s favorite thing to do was always to connect with people, socialize and promote. She always had something to promote! She is a natural at marketing and started her company because after many souls searching it was exactly what she wanted to do!

A certified life coach and an artist in more ways than one, Angelina spends her free time with her beautiful baby girl. When she actually has “me” time, you can find her connecting with the universe over tarot cards, meditation, singing her favorite karaoke song, or dancing the night away. She occasionally paints up one of her masterpieces to add it to her collection.

If you’d like to schedule a complimentary consultation with Angelina, please email at She will respond to you with a request for the following questions to be answered:

1.    What is your business website?
2.    How many full-time employees do you have?
3.    What has your revenue been for 2018, 2019, and 2020?
4.    What are the biggest roadblocks you are hitting with your growth?
5.    In one sentence, what are your goals for 2021?

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Still working in the Personal Injury field today, Angelina’s ambition and drive lead her to start her own brand and style of marketing services, she wanted to offer new business owners guidance that she never herself received, she was eager to get new businesses off their feet and aid them in the rise to success by offering services and tools to build relationships and grow clientele.

Professionally, Angelina has a background in sales and marketing from selling high end make-up brands to selling cars she’s done it all. A few years before she started OnAlign Marketing, Angelina was chosen to be the marketing consultant of a chiropractic practice in Jacksonville, FL in which she was highly successful generating new business and building client relationships. She only resigned this position to move to a bigger city and landed her feet in Orlando where she picked right where she left off and represented a Medical Center as their marketing director. 

Angelina’s brand is helping you create yours!

She has high standards for her business and will always do the right thing to help you grow.

You’ve met the brains behind our marketing now tell us about you. Drop us a line or two and let us know how we can help you hit that bullseye.

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We want the future you envision for your business to be the present you are living just like Angelina!

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