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5 Must Haves in a Profitable Website

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Opening statement

It is essential that once you open a website your potential customer can clearly understand how you can help them.

If the statement is too broad, technical (has fancy terms that a lot of your potential clients don’t understand) or feels cluttered, chances are you will loose a larger percentage of your clientele.

Today with our attention spam it is absolutely essential that your website message is crystal clear.

Simple flow

Your website must be easy to understand and have a clear flow you want your customer to follow towards either a purchase or subscription, depending on your business goals.

When designing your website keep your customer in mind and guide them towards the End Goal rather than just having a beautiful website that works.

Optimize your site

It’s important to optimize your site because it helps search engines like google understand the content and type of site you have and as a result bring traffic of potential customers to your website.

Some things you can do or hire a professional will include:

  • Competition Analysis on appropriate keywords

  • Optimizing your website content

  • Installing Google Integration to your website, such as google analytics, Google search console and sitemap indexing

  • Optimizing your website’s local SEO and Traffic

  • On-Page SEO for your website

  • Off-Page SEO

  • Social media Integration

Add clear concise contact info

Make it easy for your customer to locate your contact info and include multiple types of contact methods.

You want it to be visible and clear.

Include valuable content and information

Explain to your customers what you do and how you can help them, remember to focus on them and not everything that you've accomplished.

List all your services and include useful tips, blogs or content that can help your potential clients even before they ever talk to you.

Before it was all about selling yourself and now it's all about focusing on your client’s needs and how they can benefit from working with you.

Remember to be authentic and have a personalized and unique vibe that will distingue you from all the rest, don’t be afraid to be you!

If you need help with designing your site the profitable way contact me so that I can do it for you!

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