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Ah selling....

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

When you say the word salesman you automatically picture someone who is slimy and out to make money on you so as a business owner you reject the idea of being pushy because its just not your personality.

Reality is everything can and is sales....

If you are married right now then you know to be with your partner, you had to do some selling of yourself or if you ever went on an interview, then you know you had to present yourself in the best light possible and explain how that job would benefit by hiring you.

Most people dread selling anything or coming across as "salesy"

Here is what you can do TODAY to become a better salesman:

1. Mindset

Think of Sales as helping your customers who are eager to buy from you but are either not aware you exist or not sure how you can help. It's your job to educate, explain and say what's in it for them.

2. Understand your WHY

Understand why you are selling something is essential to support your first point. You are providing a service or a product that others want and to know exactly why they need you will help you to strategize your approach.

3. Fundamentals of sales techniques

There are some fundamental skills you can learn to be a better sales person although if you are in business chances are you are naturally blessed with some natural qualities.

- Being confident about what you are selling and talking about, understanding what you are trying to sell, able to answer questions and explain how it can help your client.

- Overcoming objections by acknowledging why the person is not sure or doesn't want it and simply responding with a solution.

- Following up with a phone call or an email sometimes makes all the difference.

If you would like to have your staff or staff member trained in field marketing or sales aspect of the job contact us here: to request your quote Today!

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