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How do I get more Likes on my Social Media pages?

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

How does one grow their business Social media pages, increase engagement and following?

Most business owners want to know what is the secret to this growth and why some accounts grow faster than others?

Now-a-days it's absolutely essential that your business has an online social media account and most entrepreneurs will even say that they are far more effective than having a website in generating new clients.

Here are Four important components to include when managing your social media accounts that will help you see a faster growth rate and far more engagement.

If you implement all the 4 tips - your accounts will be more success.

1. Personification

This means your account has to have a human factor. People like to follow other accounts and like posts that they can relate to. There has to be a human factor such as, the owner and their life or interests or the company's atmosphere and work ethic. Don't be afraid to be yourself, express your business through your creative side. don't be boring and like everyone else.

2. Consistency

Post regularly and often, accounts that post daily or even multiple times a day see more growth on average but the key is consistency.

3. Look at what your followers like

You are able to look at insights and see what posts are liked the most. Those posts may not be your favorite ones and you may think that you have way better content and the ones that are liked are not great at all. The advise here is to stay open minded and simply look at what gets liked the most and create more of similar content, by doing that your accounts will receive more engagement.

4. Comment, Like and Engage

As a business you are encouraged to interact with your potential clients, prospect and engage with accounts you follow and like. Follow hashtags and like other accounts who could be great networking and referral partners and comment on posts you enjoy. By doing this you will definitely create a much more engaging crowd of followers that could all become your future clients.

Remember growing your social media pages is a process and just like starting a business it will take time and work. Don't get discouraged and if you would like OnAlign's help in managing your social media pages we offer different packages to fit your business needs.

To request more information or for one of the packages email:

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