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Blogs ARE IN! Are You?

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Do you remember Myspace? The most popular social media platform before Facebook!

Myspace gained 1 million users in about one month after its launch. That was of course until Facebook entered the social media world.

Why do you think Myspace lost to Facebook?

Well many reasons but there is one very important reason that added a lot more fuel to Facebook’s success and that was the incentive for users to stay updated with real life news and interactions from their real-life friends and connections.

Now think of Myspace as your website, what is it missing to turn it into Facebook?

I’m sure you guessed it, updates and interactions with your users.

How do you do that? The great invention of blog posts! Simple, easy and very interactive. Blog posts connect with your users, give them real life updates and allows them to interact with you.

Here are 7 whole tips to consider about creating your own blog posts:

1. Post at minimum twice a month but once a week is recommended

2. Make your blog posts relatable to what you do as a company

3. Include useful tips/information that adds value to your customer and puts them at an advantage when choosing the right business in your field (like what I am doing here)

4. Include companywide updates and promotions

5. Talk about why your customer should hire you

6. Keep your blogs simple, easy to read, and fun

7. Don’t forget the call to action with all your contact details

In conclusion, every method of reaching out to customers has its audience. Don’t just utilize one and leave a big portion of your target audience untouched and unaware that you exist.

Oh no! You want to make sure you use every tool, and every resource to spread the word about your business!

Blog posts have a wide range of untouched audience that can easily turn into YOUR clients!

Can’t be bothered? Don’t have the creativity needed? Well you know who to call! At OnAlign marketing we can utilize every resource and every possible way to help you reach more customers and build more business. Give us a try and let’s how we can work together to make YOU the next big thing in town!

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