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How can a bad sandwich affect your business?

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Do you remember the last amazing sandwich you had? What made it that good? After all, it probably had very similar ingredients to other sandwiches in many other shops but why was that one just so perfect? I will tell you why… it’s all about balance! 

Yes, just the right amount of sauce keeps the bread nice and crisp, and the inside juicy enough to make it the perfect combination for a killer sandwich! 

Now think of a horrible sandwich you had… why was it horrible? Let me guess…either too much sauce or not enough? 

Well, the problem is never the actual sandwich…the challenge is reaching that sweet balance of ingredients that makes that sandwich go from average to killer, and that’s with everything my friends.

Ok now I am hungry, but let’s not get distracted here…

So how do we get to that sweet balance in business?

Let’s start with email campaigns, extremely important to create a personalized email campaign that connects with your clients and represents your brand whatever that may be. Talk about different ideas or services and HAVE FUN with it, don’t be that “dry sandwich.”

Some businesses have email campaign overkill, so you don’t want to do that either. I mean c’mon you could be my absolute favorite brand, but I definitely don’t need to hear from you daily, because all that will make me click is the “unsubscribe” button. 

I have personally decided not to do business with a company for the simple reason of too many calls and even more emails. 

A great rule of thumb is to follow up two times a month or max once a week… after that, you might go to soggy sandwich status… just saying.

It will obviously vary and depend on the structure of each business individually.

Now…what do you do if you don’t have a database of emails? Well, you have two options…you either start talking to people and create one or you can buy a specific list of potential customers.

If you don’t care for any of the above options and because I am on a mission to help you succeed, I will give you one more option….

Contact us! Let us build that client list for you… after all, we have been told we make a “killer” sandwich…I mean look at these emails! Simply delicious….

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