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Where to list your business

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

As a business owner you want to know what you should do to be visible and easily found.

There are a few simple steps you can take to become more visible to your ideal clients today.

  1. Have I listed my business on all search engines-maps and directories?

  2. Ask yourself- If I was my ideal client what would I search for?

  3. Do I share my info in local Facebook groups?

The importance of being listed in all directories was mentioned numerous times and that can even help your website with SEO. Your business needs to be listed in places where your customers are looking, sometimes those places may not be your favorite sites or they may not be free but are definitely worth a try in our opinion.

If you for example have a law firm, you would want to list your firm on sites like Avvo and FindLaw in addition to the standard maps and directories like Yelp, Apple Maps, Google my business and so on.

Try searching things like: "Personal injury attorney near me" or "Immigration lawyer in Orlando" to see what populates in the search first.

Paid advertising on Google and SEO is not exactly the most cost efficient strategy so if you are looking to be viewed by potential clients try getting listed in one of the directory sites.

If you need help getting listed and you would like our help in finding the best listing options for your business we offer consulting services.

Contact us Today to find out if we are a good fit:

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