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Do you need to collect reviews?

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

I remember back in high school, always trying to fit in. I always hung out with the popular crowd, dressed in the newest trends and always made sure my appearance was on point.

Why did I do that? Sure, I was finding myself but more important, I cared what people thought of me…

Even though now I dare to be different and proud of it, I STILL care what people think! To a certain extent of course.

No matter how confident we become, a part of us still seems to care about what people think. It’s just human nature…

In business…you actually MUST care about what people think because today, customer reviews are a huge part of building a successful business.

People today are more cautious and have many more options that they actually take time to read reviews before they decide which company they trust.

Even though that is the case…. sending out review requests is one of the most overlooked things in small businesses.

Why do you think that is?

Because it’s an extra time-consuming step that is not as urgent as other “do it now” tasks so it always gets pushed to “later” but later hardly comes.

I stress the fact that you absolutely MUST prioritize review requests and make them part of every transaction always and every single time!

The best part about that is…not only will great reviews make your business shine and be sought after more than ever, but they will hold you accountable to creating that amazing customer service experience, so you don’t risk a bad one.

After all we all know that one bad review can set a business back a few months because these are the ways of 2020.

If you’re thinking “I know and you’re right, but I just don’t have the time and patience” well why do you think I just emailed you?

Here at OnAlign Marketing we can help! We are able to collect a customer list from you, reach out to them via all communication methods and get their feedback!

SOOO… want to know what people think of you? Contact us and find out!

by Angelina Gerling

CEO OnAlign Marketing

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