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Explaining What You Do With Explainer Videos

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

As a child I used to embody everything I watched… I was Cinderella, Snow White, and every princess or witch I saw. It was wonderful living all these lives in one. Who was your fantasy?

Our imagination as kids is so vivid and mesmerizing… as we grow older it begins to fade little by little however that instinct of perceived similarity and identification remains, do you know why?

…Because it’s meant to guide us through our lives and help us make beneficial choices.

As Adults we still connect to videos and rely on them to visually breakdown things for us.

Whether it’s assembling furniture or a service provider, a video just goes a very long way and connects with the consumer. It is almost like a builder of trust and credibility, not to mention takes the guess work out of what you offer.

Now even though anyone can create a video… not many put time and effort into creating one with the right message, consider these two things to make powerful Explainer Videos:

1. Perceived similarity: Include something generally familiar where the viewer can think “I know how this feels.”

2. Identification: Make your video relatable whether in words used or characters shown, you want to promote the act of identification in your watcher.

This is what makes movies and series so successful, so why not use what already works?

Explainer videos are animated commercial type videos that in a very simple and fun way explain what your business does.

Do you have one? Have you thought about creating one? What are you waiting for? Make your prospects feel like they just MUST call you!

… Just like I always felt I will find my Prince Charming and am meant to live my “happily ever after” in a beautiful castle... had they left a number for that castle in that movie, I would definitely be in touch, maybe even actually be living there today….

Bottom line is every business should have a video they can use as a marketing spear straight into the hearts of prospects, excuse my rough metaphor but you get my point…

Unsure how to make one? Contemplating what should be featured on your next video? You know I always show up in the right time and for a reason, OnAlign Marketing can help!

Contact us today because we want to be on the journey to your success!

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