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Have your Business Grow and LAST!

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

When you say the word “marketing” you immediately think about advertising, sales, finding and approaching your customers.

Those are all great techniques and they work but the other side of marketing that is more important, is having a great product.

What service or product do you offer? How can you make it better? What does your client want?

Do you hear or get complaints and know of ways you can improve?

Identifying what your customer wants to buy and selling exactly that is a lot easier and a strategy that will make your company last in the long run.

For example, if you are a chiropractor and your patients constantly complain about the wait time they experience before they are seen, well this is an area of opportunity you can improve on.

The Great News are that now you will see complaints not as a negative but rather as an area of improvement that can make you more money.

Staying in touch is key. You have to know, study and understand all the changes and shifts your customer has. Be on top of communicating and listening to what they want and need.

Marketing is not only about promoting but also the psychology behind understanding why your customer is buying something.

Plan for the long term, define how you will evolve and be flexible. Produce a product that is “easy” to sell or a service in demand. Remember there is a market for EVERYTHING! I mean everything literally you can sell anything if you find the right person but it doesn’t mean that customer will be loyal or there is demand.

Strive to innovate and have products that customers rave about, and that will be the best marketing tool you can have.

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