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Ugh.. I hate my first client!- There is a solution.

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Creating your Ideal customer is something very essential that a lot of business owners don’t do-but should!

Taking time to think exactly who you are serving is the goal, that will lead you to success.

Selling a product or service to someone who is just interested in it, is not always the smartest decision you can make.

I myself made that mistake with my coaching service, not all my clients were paying, and I just wasn’t getting the customers I wanted because I didn’t know who that customer was.

Creating a profile of an exact customer who would love your product or service will help you think and tailor everything you do to that particular customer.

The problem that a lot of entrepreneurs have, something I can definitely relate to, is fear of committing to, too small of an audience that might not be your ideal customer- Basically fear of commitment. Don’t worry this ideal customer is not the only customer you will attract, and you can always change your ideal customer if you decide to change your project or direction.

You want to start with a very narrow market pick one person and describe their age, job, marital status, economic status, hobbies, interests, and gender. What do they do in their free time? How can you help them? Creating your ideal customer is a way to connect to that particular customer and be able to communicate.

Remember you don’t want to attract eeeveryone, you don’t want to not offend or try to please every single person.

Whatever you do you should share your passion, why you are in business you are and if they like you, they will become your loyal customers. Its ok if someone gets

offended or doesn’t like you for something that you represent. Don’t be scared to be you and by doing that you’ll focus your resources on higher quality leads.

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